Internationalization Consulting

... to prepare your software and online services for global success!

Our Services:

  • In collaboration with your product management team, identify the international markets that you want to address.
  • Identify the internationalization requirements that your software and online services have to meet to be successful in these markets.
  • Analyze your software for internationalization issues that would impede success.
  • In collaboration with your engineering team, design and implement solutions for these issues.
  • Train your engineering team in software internationalization so that they can maintain the solutions and independently internationalize new features.

Your Guide:

Norbert Lindenberg has led internationalization projects at Yahoo!, Sun Microsystems, General Magic, and Apple Computer. His experience ranges from defining company-wide internationalization requirements via analysis of individual products to determine their specific internationalization requirements all the way to designing and implementing specific internationalization solutions. He is currently the editor of the ECMAScript Internationalization API standard and contributes to ECMAScript 6.

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