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Support: Sundanese Font and Keyboard

Which characters are provided by the Sundanese keyboard?

The Sundanese keyboard provides almost all Sundanese characters in the Unicode standard; including consonants, independent and dependent vowels, signs, and punctuation. It does not provide the Unicode character needed to construct pasangan, the conjunct form of consonants.

Which iOS fonts support Sundanese characters?

iOS 10 provides basic support with the Noto Sans Sundanese font. iOS 9 does not support Sundanese with any builtin font. The Sundanese Font and Keyboard app therefore contains a Sundanese font named “Bandung”, which can be installed from within the app. The Bandung font is an enhanced version of Noto Sans Sundanese.

Which characters are supported by the Bandung font?

The font supports all Sundanese characters defined in the Unicode standard except the one used to construct pasangan, the conjunct form of consonants.

Why can’t I use the font and keyboard in other apps?

You can, but you have to install them first – unfortunately, iOS doesn’t do this automatically when you download the app. Follow the instructions in the Font and Keyboard panes of the app.

Do all iOS apps work with this font?

Most iOS apps will work with this font once it’s installed, including Safari, Messages, Mail, Notability, Pages, and more. One known exception is Microsoft Word, which uses its own and less capable font rendering.

Why can’t my friends see Sundanese text that I post on social media?

To see the Sundanese text displayed on their devices, your friends need to have a Sundanese font installed, just like you:

As a workaround, you can also take a screenshot of Sundanese text on your device and post the image.

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